Frequently Asked Questions!  

Is the iPhone brand new?

Yes!  If the listing states the iPhone is Brand New you can feel confident buying knowing you are getting the same exact iPhone as if you went into the Apple Store yourself. 

Is there a Warranty on the iPhone? 

Any brand new iPhone comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty directly backed by Apple! You do not need to do anything at all to activate the warranty. Apple will be able to confirm the warranty by the IMEI number of the phone. 

Why did my iPhone come with a Sim-Card?

It is perfectly normal for your iPhone to come with a Sim-Card included. That does not mean the iPhone is not brand new in any way. Apple sells iPhones with Sim-Cards you may use the one included with your iPhone or use your exciting Sim-Card. 

I recently bought an item from your store and now the price is cheaper, can you price match?

Unfortunately not! We offer our VERY BEST prices at all times. We cannot price match from a listing you previous bought from. 

Can I return the item? 

Yes! We offer a 30-day return process. Please open a return and we will upload a free return label and all you have to do is ship it back to us. 

Can I get a better price if I buy in bulk? 

No, sorry! We do not offer any bulk sales or better prices if you were to buy more than one item.  

Do you have any colors or models that are sold out in the listing?

No sorry! Our listings are up to date with our inventory levels at ALL TIMES. If we do get additional colors in we will update the listings. Please come back and check the listing. 

Does this phone work for my carrier? Also does it work Internationally? 

The iPhones we sell are both GSM and CDMA unlocked. Which includes Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T! Please see our listings for additional carriers as well. The iPhone is also WORLDWIDE UNLOCKED. You can use your phone in another country. 

Can I change the color of my order, my address, exchange my order or cancel my order?

Once you place an order we CANNOT change or alter it in any way. That includes the color, address or cancelling the order. You can attempt to cancel the order on your end and place a new one. If it is to late to cancel on your end, you will have to return it back to us once you receive it. 

Do I have to pay custom Fees?

Yes you will be responsible for custom fees. We recommend using the eBay Global Shipping Program as they can assist you best. Please contact eBay DIRECTLY as this is an eBay run program. 

Do you ship to Freight Forwarders?

No! Any order to known forwarders will be cancelled and refunded. We have experienced too many issues with forwarders and also the seller/buyer protections are not the same. 

Do you sell on Amazon, LetGo or any other platform? 

No we do not! If anyone is stating they are alldayzip from another platform please beware that it is not us.